Is It Safe to Travel to Carrefour, Haiti?


Are you planning to visit Carrefour or are you considering moving there? Have you wondered what security measures should be taken? What is your top concern? The public transport? being mugged or robbed? Here are all the tips and information you need to enjoy your trip safely to Carrefour

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Crime increasing in recent years

Recent years have seen a sharp increase in the number of crimes and robberies in the district, which makes it very important to maintain safety measures. The rating of the increase in the number of crimes and robberies in the Carrefour area is currently 70.7 out of 100 (lower is better).

Burglary and theft

Houses in the area face a high rate of burglary and theft, so taking precautionary measures like installing alarm systems and locking the house when leaving it is highly recommended. The rating of the residents' fear of burglary and theft from the houses in the Carrefour area is currently 72.65 out of 100 (lower is better).

Theft and robbery

Theft and robbery incidents happen to locals often, and such incidents are reported relatively frequently. It is therefore very advisable to keep an eye on personal belongings, especially in crowded places The probability of theft and robbery in the area in Carrefour area is currently 76.7 out of 100 (lower is better).

Car theft

Vehicle theft occurs on a moderate level throughout the city, therefore it is advised to park the vehicle in a safe location. The level of vehicle theft in the Carrefour area is currently 61.25 out of 100 (lower is better). Many residents also reported fear of theft of items from parked vehicles, so care should be taken to lock the vehicle well, and to hide valuables in the trunk.
Road safety: Note that the driving side of the road is on the right.
It is not uncommon for attacks in the area to occur, but this should only be a moderate level of concern. Any necessary safety precautions should be taken and attention paid, but no particular problem often occurs in this area. Attack fear levels in the Carrefour area is currently 72.15 out of 100 (lower is better).

Insult or unsuitable behavior

There is rarely a fear of insult or unsuitable behavior, both of which are very rare, nevertheless, in these cases, it is better to avoid confrontation.

Confrontations and attacks

The fear of confrontations and attacks, because of skin color and prejudice is graded in the Carrefour area 40.85 out of 100. In the region, attacks occur very rarely and are rare, but learning about safety standards and respecting local traditions is still important.

Drug users treatment 

In drug use crimes, the reaction to such crimes tends to be a bit harsher than in other countries. The level of punishment for drug use in the Carrefour area is 69.95 out of 100 (lower is better).

Assaults and armed robberies

Keeping in mind that trips and living in the area can be difficult due to criminal activity, it is important to remember that it is possible to walk and enjoy the area as long as you do so safely. The rate of serious crimes such as armed robbery and violent assault in the Carrefour area is 78.9 out of 100 (lower is better).

Bribery and corruption

Corruption and corruption are fairly common in this region of the country, but in recent years, the government has waged a war against these phenomena. The common rate of bribery and corruption in the Carrefour area is 95.6 out of 100.
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*Credit and clarification: some of the data were collected from a variety of open sources such as numbeo.com And many others. the data are for general information only, And we do not take responsibility for the use and accuracy of it. We wish you a safe and enjoyable trip!

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