Pollution and cleanliness in Allstedt, Germany

Allstedt is a city in Germany. There are 7.7K people living in the city. The next article discusses the air pollution levels and city cleanliness reported by residents and tourists.

In Allstedt, Germany, 7.7K residents experience low levels of air pollution and they live in a very clean environment overall. The air in this city may be very polluted, making it difficult for some residents to breathe clean air or enjoy sport. In general, public spaces in the city are moderately clean.

It is rare for tourists to have problems while visiting the Allstedt and they usually enjoy a safe and pleasant stay. In some parts of the city there can be some dirt and uncleanliness and streets can sometimes be messy. During their travels, travelers have reported that they encountered good air quality and sanitary conditions. Allstedt visitors have reported that the urban waste removal infrastructure and sanitary facilities throughout the city work as expected.

The city provides many parks and green areas for residents and visitors to enjoy, and they are in good condition. Clean, easily accessible water sources have been reported around the city and in the surrounding areas and several reports mention the lack of high-quality, clean water. Parts of the city are suffering from inadequate sewage treatment and waste disposal.

Allstedt's residents and visitors can sometimes be affected by noise hazards in the city. Parks and green areas in the city of Allstedt occasionally received negative reviews. There is no significant problem with night lighting in the city of Allstedt, but there are some street lights that are problematic. Many residents of the city say the water quality is good, and they are happy with the water's clean and good taste.

Mesurement Score (out of 5)
The pollution of the air


Air quality rating


Maintain a clean and tidy environment


How comfortable is it to spend time in Allstedt


Polluted environment


An unpleasant stay in the city


Complaints about garbage disposal and dirt


A lack of parks or a failure to keep them clean


Inaccessible and polluted drinking water


Access to clean, safe drinking water


Reliability of sanitation services


Light pollution and noise pollution


The quality of parks and green areas


Nightlights work without issue and are quiet


Pollution of water


Quality of Water


*Credit and clarification: some of the data were collected from a variety of sources such as numbeo.com and others. the data are for general information only, And we do not take responsibility for the use and accuracy of it. We wish you a safe and enjoyable trip!

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