Pollution and cleanliness in Saurimo, Angola

Saurimo is a city in Angola. There are 41.3K people living in the city. The next article discusses the air pollution levels and city cleanliness reported by residents and tourists.

Saurimo, Angola, has 41.3K residents living in an area with high air pollution levels. As a result, the air quality in the Saurimo is considered to be very good and the residents enjoy clean air. Public spaces in the city are kept relatively clean and well maintained by the residents and authorities.

Visitors and residents found that spending time there can be unpleasant sometimes, and some reported feeling insecure. Several streets and areas in the city are often dirty and unpleasant, and it is often considered an unclean city. There is a large number of travelers who think the sanitary conditions and air pollution in the city detract from their trip experiences. Many travelers and residents have encountered a problem with garbage removal or dirty streets in the city.

Many parks and green spaces in the city are poorly maintained. Nearby and in the city, there aren't many clean and accessible water sources and most residents report having access to high-quality, clean water. Visitors to the city were impressed by the efficient sewage and solid waste disposal systems.

There are often issues related to noise disturbances in the city that concern residents and visitors. Visitors to Saurimo have appreciated the parks and green spaces in the city, where they can recharge from the busyness of the city and enjoy walks and runs with ease and comfort. Night lighting in the city of Saurimo is not a significant issue for residents and tourists, and streets are lit without significant disruptions. Water in the city is not particularly liked by residents.

Mesurement Score (out of 5)
The pollution of the air


Air quality rating


Maintain a clean and tidy environment


How comfortable is it to spend time in Saurimo


Polluted environment


An unpleasant stay in the city


Complaints about garbage disposal and dirt


A lack of parks or a failure to keep them clean


Inaccessible and polluted drinking water


Access to clean, safe drinking water


Reliability of sanitation services


Light pollution and noise pollution


The quality of parks and green areas


Nightlights work without issue and are quiet


Pollution of water


Quality of Water


*Credit and clarification: some of the data were collected from a variety of sources such as numbeo.com and others. the data are for general information only, And we do not take responsibility for the use and accuracy of it. We wish you a safe and enjoyable trip!

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