Is It Safe to Travel to Mansoa, Guinea-Bissau?


Are you planning to visit Mansoa or are you considering moving there? Have you wondered what security measures should be taken? What is your top concern? The public transport? being mugged or robbed? Here are all the tips and information you need to enjoy your trip safely to Mansôa

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Crime increasing in recent years


Burglary and theft


Theft and robbery


Car theft

Road safety: Note that the driving side of the road is on the right.

Insult or unsuitable behavior


Confrontations and attacks


Drug users treatment 

The following is a summary of the

*Credit and clarification: some of the data were collected from a variety of open sources such as numbeo.com And many others. the data are for general information only, And we do not take responsibility for the use and accuracy of it. We wish you a safe and enjoyable trip!

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